Dear visitor

As our project is coming to an end, we want to invite you to come to the
presentation of our proposal to the municipality of Almere.

You are most welcome on the 23th of january at 11:00



Just imagine if you wouldn’t be able to see anything yourself while walking
through a city. Which obstacles would you encounter and how do you
know where to go? The solution to these questions will be included in our
research to a next level solution for visually disabled people.

The goal of the final product is to make moving through the city of Almere
easier for visually disabled people. A proposal for better service will be
presented to the municipality of Almere who are hoping to have an
innovative way of making participating in daily life easier for visually
disabled people.

If you are interested in following the progress of a team creating a new
product for visually disabled people, please feel free to visit this page
more often to keep track of the proces.

Are you interested in helping us getting a better insight in the needs
of visually impaired people, please fill in this survey presented to
you by the following link.





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